We reminisce for many elements of decades gone by, from the resurgence of music (ahem, record players) to fashion choices (cue the bell-bottom jeans). But when it comes to home features, there is a fine line between vintage and down-right dated.These seven features can generally give buyers the impression that your home will need some serious updating (though they don’t always look outdated in a home, especially if they’ve been refurbished amongst other renovations).Consider these dated home details, and whether it’s worth upgrading them when it comes time to sell.

1. Glass Blocks: Often seen as an alternative to windows or used as a divider in a bathroom, glass blocks became a common building material in the 1930s. Wavy in texture and cloudy in color, they were a staple until the 1980s – and are still lingering around homes all these decades later.

2. A Sunken Bathtub: Ultra-modern homes may be able to pull off the luxury sunken tub look, but the majority of sunken bathtubs dwell inside dated bathrooms – you know, the ones with plush carpeting or linoleum floors and Hollywood vanity lights above the sink.

3. Colorful Carpeting: A vibrant rug can add color to any space, but colorful wall-to-wall carpeting is harder to remove – and can be a turn off to interested homebuyers. Carpeting remains popular in bedrooms but has been slowly phased out by hardwood floors in main living spaces.Sellers looking for a change may consider investing in either wood (or laminate!) floors or an alternative option and placing a creative rug on top.

4. Vine-patterned Iron Railings (inside and outside!): Modern iron railings on a home’s exterior porch or as an interior handrail have a sleek, industrial look – but their dated counterpart is quite less desired. Metal fixings with swirly patterns – like grapevines – are still found lining front porches and can have a flimsy appearance, leading buyers to believe that the inside of the home may be dated as well.

5. Mirrored Walls: Mirror paneling along walls may help a room feel spacious, but it will also teleport interested buyers back in time to the 1980s. These days, most people would prefer a statement mirror as a chic way to fill space rather than wall-to-wall reflective coverage.

6. Hollywood Vanity Bathroom Lights: Can a bathroom be a sanctuary space if it still has those fluorescent bulbs hung above the sink? It’s unclear. With bright bulbs lined up like a vintage makeup set, Hollywood vanity lights have a harsh presence rather than an ambient glow. Swapping out these lights for a more traditional or contemporary option is a relatively simple fix.

7. Popcorn Ceilings: Popcorn ceilings remained popular for the majority of the 20th century but have become a nuisance in recent decades due to their uneven appearance and reputation for storing mold. Many interested buyers will plan on scraping the texture off of the ceiling soon after purchasing the home.If you happily live amongst any of these home features, there’s no need to worry – your home should be a place you love to spend time in, regardless of trends. But when considering resale, know that some of these dated features can be seen as a hindrance to potential buyers.